About Us

our mission

What Excites Us?

Provide an exceptional value added, enjoyable and cost effective, and short turnaround trading experience to our valuable customers, in line with Saudi Arabia 2030 vision through our wealth of market knowledge in the local, regional, and international levels.

Our Vision

Our Ambition

We look forward to a leadership position in Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Minerals, Metals, Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical supplies at the local, regional, and international levels.

Who We Are

Ports Lines Company is a trading company established with a headquarters in Al Khobar city (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). It plays an active role in the field of Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Minerals, Metals, Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical supplies.
It has highly qualified and experienced staff who have worked in the U.S., Europe, and Middle East markets for more than ten (10) years. They master the local, regional, and international markets like the back of their hands. The company’s work spread extends across several industrial sectors and many customers.

How We Operate

We operate through a vast range of partnerships, alliances, and joint ventures to maximize success and yield direct and indirect benefits on various levels

Our experience and knowledge in trading make us the best in the market. This wealth of knowledge and experience places us in a position to confidently guarantee sourcing out your supplies the fastest and most cost-effective per your requested specifications.

We coordinate with local, regional, and international suppliers and customers to ensure our quality supply chain performance.

Our Success Pillars

Customer Success

Our customer's satisfaction comes first. Our customer's satisfaction is our real asset.

Market Knowledge

Our experience in the trading of various commodities gives us the confidence to satisfy our customers' needs with no doubts.

Our Partners

The vast network of partners around the world strengthens our marketplace. Our company has several hundreds of suppliers around the world. Those are our partners who joined our success journey.

Our Values

The highest level of integrity is what we go with. We allow no compromise to our integrity. We vision our integrity as an essential part of every deal we make.
We work transparently with our customers and our suppliers. Transparency is the strategy we apply with all those who we are dealing with.
We take customers’ needs very seriously. Through deploying all our resources and knowledge to deliver the utmost satisfaction to our customers.

Our Business Spread